• Florida Conference 2020 cancelled due to COVID 19 virus


    Letter to Water is Life community

    March 25, 2020

    Dear friends and supporters of Water is Life and Global Responsibility,
    We are writing to you from our desk at home, surrounded by our close family, in the middle of the COVID 19 crisis, hitting all parts of our world.

    For many of you communication outside the house is limited to digital connections for the time being. We hope that you are all in good health, and that you and your close family and friends will stay in good health-condition in the upcoming period.

    Water is Life 2020 has been cancelled this week and our thoughts are with all those teachers and students who are unable to meet up this year to share their wonderful efforts in water research.

    Let us, first of all, express our enormous gratitude for the team in Florida, guided by Jan Pullen and Ann Marie Shields, for all the work that they have done to facilitate the conference in 2020. Deep respect for all the quality efforts to bring our community together, and not being able to complete, this must be a hard experience.
    We also would like to express our appreciation for all the participating teams for their contributions so far. We’ll gather all the research papers on our website Water is Life, like we did in earlier editions of the conferences.
    We will also look for possibilities to bring them to the attention of our community later “after all”.
    Unfortunately we have to postpone our planned directors’ conference in Noordwijk, in September 2020 to a later date, and we’ll keep you updated about our new plans.

    It is a good time to express again our commitment to our work in Water is Life and Global Responsibility. Maurick College and Raffles Institution will continue their efforts to organise future conferences, since the experience with COVID 19 is a proof again of what is important for our future generations to come: “work together in an international perspective and try to find solutions for all the big issues in the water-perspective and the humanities perspective”.

    We are going to leave you with a message for strong health for you and your community. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Harm de Jongh
    Huub van der Linden
    Huib Schilling
    Maurick College,The Netherlands
  • Water is Life Conference Florida 2020


    Water is Life Florida Bradenton June 22-28, 2020
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  • Water is Life Florida, 3 months away!


    Look at the latest information on the website!
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  • Miniboat project, an unbelievable mission!


    Message in a bottle, a 21st century story.

    It’s about a meeting of hearts and minds, about sending out a “message in a bottle” to battle barriers and to join us together in sustainable initiatives, and a focus on water and waterresearch being a binding factor in our schoolnetwork Water is Life, an initiative of Maurick College The Netherlands and Raffles Institution Singapore. (

    On August 9, 2019, the Maurick boat, an unmanned small sailboat only provided with GPS, arrived at Santa Maria Island, one of the (Portugese) Azores islands after being launched 640 !! days before from the coast of Florida.
    The story begins November 6, 2017.
    In new contacts between St Stephens Episcopal School Bradenton Florida and Maurick College The Netherlands about organising a 4th Water is Life conference for young students in Florida in June 2020, a new initiative project was started to confirm further intensive cooperation in the perception of the Water is Life research network activities. Both schools joined the miniboat project initiative from Educational Passages Miniboat.

    After three launches from the coast of Florida with an earlier pick-up in the mouth of the Missisippi river by way of local fishermen and the help of many local people, the Maurick miniboat was launched again (now without a sail, as the wind was stronger than the gulfstream) and picked up by the streaming flows of the Atlantic Ocean. A GPS track & trace kept us focussed during more than 1 ½ year, where wind and waterstreams in the Atlantic Ocean became clear on the computerscreen twice a day. Thank you so much, NOAA federal, James Manning!

    Santa Maria Island is also known for its jagged coastline, high rocky headlands and bays of calm, crystal clear waters, which offer a standing invitation to explore. The boat landed in the inhospitable north-west coast of the island in a very rocky area and was recovered by the local, Mantamaria Dive Center. Thank you so much Jorge Botelho and his crew! Such a great contribution!
    Unbelievable free support in this project of dedicated people on both sides of the ocean make us realise that our world is small today, and it is a projection of the meeting of hearts and minds in the way Water is Life is all about. An example for our young generation in our network !!
    We are looking forward to our next Water is Life conference, June 22-26 in Bradenton, Florida

    Water is Life Florida 2020
    Educational Passages

    Huib Schilling
    Water is Life Association
  • Publication SOURCE, March 2019


    The Water is Life initiative has reached the news again in March 2019.
    IWA''s magazine SOURCE published in her March 2019 edition about the developments in various projects from Water is Life schools.

    publication first part

    publication second part
  • IWA support


    IWA (The International Water Association) is becoming a close partner to the Water is Life initiative. We are gratefull to our Japanese partner Shibuya / Makuhari Highschool from Tokio for their presentation support at the IWA world congress in Septembe in Tokyo. See also the blue coloured link below.

    If you want to see more about this great initiative see also:
    Link IWA presentation
  • Scotch College Melbourne, Water is Life 2022


    There is great news about de Water is Life conference cycle:
    Scotch College will organise the 2022 edition of Water is Life!
    The conference is planned to start September 19, 2022.
    We'll keep you updated about their proceedings!
    The Water is Life International Organising Committee
  • Allover enthousiasm with Water is Life 2018


    From all directions, students, teachers, parents, jury, Shibuya & Makuhari highschool, press and businessparties we experienced great enthousiasm and received inspirational comments about the Water is Life 2018 conference in Tokyo.Thank you for all the great research-contributions!
    The key of this conference has been transferred now to the organisation in Florida, St Stephen''s Episcopal school in cooperation with New College Sarasota, June 2020.
  • Water is Life Tokyo 2018, a new once in a life-time experience is upcoming!


    We are at the doorstep of a new Water is Life experience. Next month, research-teams from all over the world will meet again in Tokyo in this top-conference. We are dealing with the new calculations about the decrease of the ice-volumes in Antarctica and with a potential of the rise of the sea-level of 60 meters!. The water-issue becomes more important every day. We need new initiatives and ideas from our younger generation to anticipate this problem. And to anticipate all the other water-issues involving our day to day life. We wish all of you a great learning experience in Japan, with generating new initiatives for all of us!
  • Water is Life Directors Conference


    The Directors Conference Water is Life, March 17, 2018, was a great success! There was a great commitment to continue with the WILA initiative, and we decided to generate a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for future editions of the Water is Life conferences.
    Schools will be approached before the next Water is Life conference in July in Tokyo, to sign the MOU, and WILA will generate private access to our website for WILA members in July 2018.